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Property investing in Czech Republic
The price of choice real estate, businesses, consumables and labor in the Czech Republic are still only a fraction (about 20% cheaper on average) of what they cost in nearby Western countries like Austria and Germany, Prague real estate excepted.

What are property prices doing?

In Czech Republic it is very difficult to get up-to-date information on what property prices are doing. However, here are some of the better sources:

We keep our readers updated on all the latest information on our blog.

Protecting your money during the purchase

Think things function in Czech Republic pretty much the same as Western countries? For a jolt of the Czech difference read this horror story from a purchase in Český Krumlov or other experiences in this article about whether Czech real estate agents are accredited or regulated.

One essential step to protecting your money during a purchase in Czech Republic is using an escrow account. Watch the video below for a description of how an escrow works in Czech Republic and who can administer it.

Pricing for every budget.

Our service always includes free consultation, plain and simple fee quotes, and realistic timeline estimates.

Active Search Packages Platinum Gold Silver
List of Matching Properties
(from internet, print and private advertising)
2x Weekly 2x Weekly 1x Monthly
Translation of Listings to English
Map of Location of Property
Location Advice
Investment Analysis (see an example)
Exclusivity of Search Criteria
Retrieval of Additional Property Details
Coordination with Real Estate Agencies for Buyer’s Visits
Accompaniment and Translation on Buyer’s Visits
Support Limit Unlimited 9 Months 3 Months
All fees subject to VAT (value-added tax)
* 1/2 payable at start, 1/2 at signing of FPC
46 350 CZK* 15 000 CZK 0 CZK
Description of Service Fee
New Mortgage
We cooperate with all banks and have vast experience specifically for banks which lend to non-Czech citizens.
PoA Mortgage
Meeting all the requirements for drawing down your mortgage through power of attorney.
17 530 CZK
All fees subject to VAT (value-added tax)
Closing Services for Property Purchases Gold Silver
Czech Over ® Due Diligence on Ownership and Contracts (Reservation, Future Purchase and Purchase Agreements) *
Fluent English-Speaking Attorney
Negotiation with Seller on Terms of Contract
Legal English Translation by State Recognized Legal Translator
Escrow Fees Included *
Mortgage draw-down coordination
CZECH POINT 101 Rep at Contract Signing **
Transfer of utilities
Handover of property
State valuation required for real estate transfer tax
Submission of real estate transfer tax documents***
All fees subject to VAT (value-added tax)
1/2 payable at start, 1/2 at completion
* For property values up to 3 000 000 CZK
** For signings within Prague, Brno, Pardubice, Hradec Kralove and Ostrava
*** does not include the actual 4% real estate transfer tax
45 000 CZK 19 355 CZK
Forms of Payment Accepted
  • International bank wire (CZK only)
  • U.S. or Canadian money order (4% conversion fee)
  • Western Union Bank payment (CZK only)
  • PayPal (4% fee applies)
  • Online credit card payment (via PayPal :: 4% fee applies)
  • Cash in any standard convertible currency, such as Euro, U.S. Dollar, British Pound Sterling, or Czech Crowns. 4% conversion fee applies to any currency except CZK.
When investigating property abroad, it is easy to be misled by people with vested interests in particular developments or companies. An independent agent can save hours of abortive time, avoid frustrations and answer the many questions which arise at all stages in a search and purchase.
John Thornton

(Settle, UK)

Incredibly easy…the whole process was very easy…incredibly positive.”

“Suddenly our dream home was ours!”

Sam Stone (Australian in Český Krumlov)


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