Brno Rent Prices – 2012

In this video Pavel Parizek gives an update on what has happened in 2012 with the rent prices of property in Brno. He also touches on what things affected the market to move this way. Enjoy this video? Please help us out and give it a like!
Where to invest in Brno?

Where to invest in Brno?

Brno is a city which has been viewed as the little brother of Prague. But over the last 5 years it has grown up to, in some ways, overshadow it’s big brother. In terms of property prices and rents, Brno has held it’s ground more than Prague...

Brno Property Market Update – Rentals

Pavel Parizek from our Brno real estate office gives an update on the Brno property rental situation so far in 2012. Nathan: Pavel, we’d like to get an update on what’s happening with the rents in Brno. What have you found over the last months since...