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Accounting, refinancing and legal services in Czech Republic

Other Services

Description Price
Income Tax Processing and Filing – Individual
(existing PM clients contact us for special rates)
1st Property 7 950 CZK
2nd Property 3 840 CZK
Each add. Property 2 990 CZK
Income Tax Processing and Filing – Corporate (SRO)
(existing PM clients contact us for special rates)
1st Property 9 510 CZK
2nd Property 4 420 CZK
Each add. Property 3 095 CZK
Accountant (data entry, payroll, etc.)
per hour
615 CZK
Tax adviser intermediation
(consulting, advisory services, etc.)
per hour
1 800 CZK
Tax Filing and Accounting for Standard SROs available by contract.
All fees subject to VAT (value-added tax)
Description of Service Fee
Refinance Sourcing
We cooperate with all banks and have vast experience specifically for banks which lend to non-Czech citizens.
Refinancing Drawdown
Meeting all the requirements for meeting the requirements of a refinancing through power of attorney.
17 530 CZK
Refinancing Analysis
Expert advise on whether and/or where to refinance your mortgage.
All fees subject to VAT (value-added tax)
Description Price
Hourly Legal Work
per hour
2 100 CZK
All Other Non-Legal Assistance
per hour
615 CZK
Verified Signature
36 CZK
Company or Land Registry Excerpt
per page
500 CZK
All fees subject to VAT (value-added tax)
Forms of Payment Accepted
  • International bank wire (CZK only)
  • U.S. or Canadian money order (4% conversion fee)
  • Western Union Bank payment (CZK only)
  • PayPal (4% fee applies)
  • Online credit card payment (via PayPal :: 4% fee applies)
  • Cash in any standard convertible currency, such as Euro, U.S. Dollar, British Pound Sterling, or Czech Crowns. 4% conversion fee applies to any currency except CZK.
Just a quick note to say thanks for completing this years tax return. Tereza has done an excellent job, so good in fact that it is only fair that you should invoice me so that I can pay you.”

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Dylan Roberts and Bianca Reiniger (UK)

“I must commend you for the professional service your firm provides. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. You have obviously been very diligent in choosing your associates, and having dealt with yourself + 3 others I found everyone to be of high calibre. I’m sure your brand will go from strength to strength.”
Colin Clarke (Belfast, Northern Ireland)


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