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A comprehensive lease contract is the cornerstone of good landlord / tenant relationships.

Why do you need a good contract? 

Rental property can be an excellent investment. However, like any investment, a rental property has its pitfalls, many of which can be handled with a comprehensive lease contract. 

For example, did you know that your contract should include an obligation for the lessee to have tenant insurance? Or that it is the best place to have confirmed by the tenant that inspections and viewings can be made to your property (with proper notice)?

Hire professionals to manage your property. How will you benefit?

The most secure system of up-to-date contracts

Mitigate common rental property risks.

Guaranteed rent

Worry-free tenant management.

Saves time and money with repairs and maintenance handled by vetted contractors.

Detailed reports and property inspections

Professional lease agreement download

Download a professional Czech lease contract.

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