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Absentee Ownership: The Concerns

Being an absentee owner can be a stressful situation. Even if the money you have invested is not your entire nest egg, the last thing you want is to have is an investment causing you undue stress or being a money drain. Common concerns of absentee owners are:

  • Destructive tenant
  • Non-paying tenant
  • Liability issues related to a tenant
  • Delinquent or fraudulent property management companies
  • Lack of information regarding market conditions (ie. advice on the best time to sell or increase/decrease rental prices)

At Czech Point 101 we understand these issues. In fact, members of the Czech Point 101 team are also absentee owners and there is nothing like experience to teach a person.


Actual Occupancy Rates For The Last 6 Months (all locations combined)

Month 06/2019 07/2019 08/2019 09/2019 10/2019 11/2019
Rate 97.57% 97.90% 96.85% 97.19% 95.76% 95.77%
Last 12 months: 97.85%, 2018: 95.30%, 2017: 95.29%, 2016: 96.54%, 2015: 98.01%, 2014: 95.62%, 2013: 95.44%, 2012: 95.62%

Occupancy rates are meticulously tracked each month in each location. Our target range is 93 to 97% occupancy.

The property management methodology is simple and maximizes profit. Occupancy lower than 93% means there is something wrong with our pricing or advertising. Occupancy higher than 97% means that the rents may be too low and our clients are potentially losing income.

Unparalleled Protection

Our contract system is the most secure being used by any property management company in the Czech Republic.

If you currently have a tenant in your flat are you aware that the following Czech laws govern the relationship between you and your tenant?

1. An owner cannot limit a tenant from bringing a pet into their apartment.

A tenant’s legal rights: A tenant could buy a Saint Bernard dog and move it into the apartment without needing permission from the owner.

2. An owner does not have the legal right to enter his own property, even after giving reasonable notice, unless the right of access is specifically stipulated in the contract.

A tenant’s legal rights: A tenant could refuse to allow access to the owner or someone designated by the owner in the process of finding another tenant or viewings of a potential buyer.

3. Eviction of a non-paying or undesirable tenant is extremely difficult under Czech law.

A tenant’s legal rights: A tenant could stop paying rent and stay in your property as long as two years while your case proceeds through the Czech court system.

4. Owners cannot limit who lives in their apartment

A tenant’s legal rights: A tenant can sub-rent their apartment to whoever they chose and the owner cannot object to this.

Czech Point 101’s property management department has developed a unique contract system which protects you, the owner, from all these situations and more but still respects the rights of the tenant.


Pricing for every budget.

Our property management service always includes free consultation, plain and simple fee quotes, and realistic timeline estimates.

Property Management / Letting Services

The only property management company in Czech Republic with a rental guarantee! 

Description of service Platinum Gold Silver
Rental income guarantee*
(exclusive with CZECH POINT 101)
Free consultations with tax adviser, mortgage broker or investment adviser
Marketing as ‘for rent by owner’
(exclusive with CZECH POINT 101)
Marketing via real estate agencies
Unlimited viewings
Thorough reference checking of prospects
Pre-filled direct rent contract
Our unique contract system
(exclusive with CZECH POINT 101)
Protection by means of an ‘instant execution’ (see article – in Czech)
Transfer of utilities to tenant
Documented, thorough turn-over
Calculation of damage deposit
Rent payment reminders to tenant
(via email, sms and phoning)
Monthly rent collection
Monthly bill payments
Net rent paid by the 15th of each month
Representation at meetings of the owners
Our database of proven contractors.
Organization and management of maintenance
Comprehensive online property information available 24/7
Mail collection and scanning
Czech Up ® property inspections 2 x Yearly At turnover
Percentage of gross rent collected
(no fees for finding a tenant or if the property was empty)
16% 12% 7%
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! – During the first 3 months if you are not thoroughly convinced that our property management service is for you, simply contact our office and we will give you all your money back. No questions asked.
All fees subject to VAT (value-added tax)
* some conditions apply please contact us for more details
Forms of Payment Accepted
  • International bank wire (CZK only)
  • U.S. or Canadian money order (4% conversion fee)
  • Western Union Bank payment (CZK only)
  • PayPal (4% fee applies)
  • Online credit card payment (via PayPal :: 4% fee applies)
  • Cash in any standard convertible currency, such as Euro, U.S. Dollar, British Pound Sterling, or Czech Crowns. 4% conversion fee applies to any currency except CZK.
I wish every agent that we use in the UK was as efficient and had such good systems as you have…

“The prize draw is a brilliant idea, I wish all our agents in the UK were as imaginative!”

James and Anna King (UK)

Property Investors

“I have worked with Nathan and Czech Point 101 for a number of years managing my Czech investments.

“I find him and his team really easy to work with and very proactive. Really good service!”

brook - property management client

Andy Brook (UK)
Director of Deloitte UK

“My over-riding impression of CZECH POINT 101 is that they are genuinely honest, hardworking people and they will help property owners in any way that they can.

“You will not regret your decision if you choose CZECH POINT 101 as your property management company.”

Mike Davies (Southampton, UK)

Property developer and owner of 14 rental properties worldwide

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