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Do you realize that approximately 50% of Czech residential real estate transactions happen without a real estate agency being involved? In fact, according to Skalický, president of the Czech Chamber of Real Estate Agencies (ČKRK), the figure is closer to 60%.

There are many reasons for this but the predominant is that, simply put, Czech locals don’t trust real estate agents. Two decades of bad experiences in an unregulated environment have left them with a very bad taste in their mouth.

How to squeeze 40% more from your Czech property sale

How to reach the most buyers

Because of this fact that a full half of real estate transactions happen without real estate agencies, if you limit yourself to selling through a real estate agency you are potentially losing one half of all buyers.

To get maximum value for your property and sell it quickly it is really critical to list your property on ‘for sale by owner’ websites like which are hugely popular among Czech locals.

Please see our unique power of attorney sale service which allows you to take advantage of both advertising your home on ‘for sale by owner’ websites and also with the biggest real estate companies.

Things you need to consider beforehand

Before deciding to sell your flat you should consider the following matters which can really affect the amount of return you would get from your property.

  • Mortgage payout options. Many sellers don’t realize that Czech banks have very high penalties (up to 25% of the unpaid amount of the mortgage) if you try to payout the mortgage at a time other than when the fixation comes up for renewal.
  • SRO tax strategies. Many properties were purchased by foreigners at a time when it was required to have a SRO or Czech company. However, taxation under an SRO can be much less favorable than as a physical person. There are options involving moving the property to personal ownership before its sale that can prove advantageous for the seller.

For more details on these items and to read others please see our article: 5 Vitals to Execute a Maximum Value Resale in Czech Republic

Pricing for every budget.

Our service always includes free consultation, plain and simple fee quotes, and realistic timeline estimates.

Power-of-Attorney Sale of Property Gold Silver
No additional real estate fee or commission payable!
Best pricing strategy
(ie. Quick sale vs maximum price)
Advising on modifications to maximize sale price
Advising on legal obligations to a tenant
(see subheading ‘Unparalleled Protection‘)
Power of attorney preparation
Ads on ‘sale by owner’ venues
(50 to 60% of Czech properties sold privately)
Ads to real estate agencies
Secure key holding
Unlimited showings
Coordination with tenants for viewings (if applicable)
Documentation needed for sale of property
Czech Over ® legal due diligence on sale contracts
Coordinating seller and buyer’s bank requirements
Power of attorney signing of contracts
Handover of apartment
Transfer of utilities
All fees subject to VAT (value-added tax)
For property values up to 3 000 000 CZK
* 25 viewings for free – additional at 500 CZK/visit
* full amount payable at the start
** 1/3 at start, 1/3 at FPC and 1/3 at registration
105 000 CZK** 77 000 CZK*
Forms of Payment Accepted
  • International bank wire (CZK only)
  • U.S. or Canadian money order (4% conversion fee)
  • Western Union Bank payment (CZK only)
  • PayPal (4% fee applies)
  • Online credit card payment (via PayPal :: 4% fee applies)
  • Cash in any standard convertible currency, such as Euro, U.S. Dollar, British Pound Sterling, or Czech Crowns. 4% conversion fee applies to any currency except CZK.
Although I was concerned at first that the Power-of-Attorney Sale service required a payment up front, which is not in line with a typical real estate agent, the benefits and results from this service have been excellent. Pavel has been so efficient and proactive which in turn has provided confidence for us.

“You managed to sell three of my Czech properties, handling everything without my presence and timing the sales exactly to my mortgage fixation dates, saving us hundreds of thousands of CZK in penalties. A huge thank you from us both, your system certainly works.”

James and Fiona Prior (UK)

Client Director of Involve UK

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