Chief economist at Era Poštovní spořitelna advises investing in property in 2015

Czech Point 101 January 8, 2015 @ 10:25AM

Jan Bureš

Jan Bureš – photo Tomas Adamec

A candid interview with Jan Bureš, chief economist at Era Poštovní spořitelna where he looks at the upcoming year. How will the situation in the EU and deflation affect the Czech economy? If he was a small Czech investor where would he recommend investing?

Take aways from this related to property:

  1. GDP should hold steady through 2015 at 2%
  2. deflation or low inflation will boost real incomes
  3. when asked where he would put his money if he was a small Czech investor he recommended looking outside Czech Republic or putting your money into property

Increasing real wages in Czech Republic are one of the biggest reasons we think property prices will increase in 2015.

Read the full interview.

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