Featured employee of the week: Tereza Lukuvkova

Czech Point 101 December 8, 2014 @ 1:39PM

Tereza Lukuvkova - when someone doesn't pay rent

Tereza Lukuvkova

Tereza Lukuvkova is the accounting genius and enforcer behind our property management division. She enters all payments into the online portal and communicates with owners and/or tenants about questions they may have.

Part of her job is contacting tenants reminding them about the rent which is due or overdue. In the above picture she shows how mean she can look when someone doesn’t pay their rent on time. Don’t mess with Tereza!

Her education background includes 4 years of technical college specializing in economics, accounting and business management. Previous to being employed at CZECH POINT 101 she worked for an IT firm as an administrative assistant.

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