From Pardubice to Prague on the Motorway

July 22, 2014 @ 2:49PM

The inhabitants of Pardubice have finally got a desired highway link to the capital city.

Plans for this highway date back to 1938, when it was planned in connection to the motorway network Wroclaw-Vienna. These plans were interrupted by World War II.

Prague to Pardubice Highway

                            Prague to Pardubice highway a boost to Pardubice

The construction began with the first part from Prague-Jirny in 1978. The motorway came close to the two regional cities in December 2008, where the driver had the exit Sedlice and both cities could be accessed easily. Next the connection to Pardubice road R35 that should help the overloaded D1 in the future.

A short section of the R35 next to Opatovice nad Labem follows to the four-lane road No. 37, which leads up to the driver’s county town of Pardubice. Unfortunately, there is currently allowed a maximum speed 90km/h until this last section is adapted to higher speeds.

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