Get CP101’s ‘Czech Mark’ of Approval on Your Property Sale

Czech Point 101 July 22, 2014 @ 2:48PM

It is estimated in Czech Republic that 50% of all property sales are completed without a real estate agency. Why this huge figure? Basically, Czech citizens have grown weary and distrustful of real estate offices which are not regulated and have been involved in many scams.

With this in mind CZECH POINT 101 offers a complete power of attorney service where we will act as you the seller and offer the property as a private sale rather than only through real estate agencies.

Because we also cooperate with all the major real estate companies your property will also be listed with them, giving you the biggest exposure possible for a quick sale for the top dollar value. Any additional commission charged by them is above your sale price.

All of this is accomplished through a power of attorney with nothing else requiring your presence.

Get CZECH POINT 101’s ‘Czech Mark’ of approval on your property sale!

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