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The HB Index is one of the only sources of accurate information regarding what property prices are doing in Czech Republic.

The index is prepared by Hypoteční banka and is based on the prices which they see in purchase contracts of property for which they give mortgages. Hypoteční banka is the largest residential mortgage provider and so this is a reliable source of information. The one negative thing is that it does not show the areas of Czech Republic broken into sections but only the market as a whole.

HB Index on Czech property prices for Q2 2013

The HB Index showed an increase in the price of flats in Q2 2013.

However, in the comments from Petr Němeček, the CEO of Hypoteční banka, which are also released each quarter, he indicates that the majority of the data comes from the Prague real estate market.

What did the July, 2013 report on Q2 2013 show?

The HB Index showed flat prices increased 0.2% in Q2! This is the first increase in apartment prices since 2010 Q3.

Has the bottom been reached and this indicates a turn-around in property price direction? I personally certainly think so and would confirm my position as stated in our 2013 Czech property forecast that I expect to see an overall 1% increase in Czech property (flat) prices by the end of the year.

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