Looking for a house for rent in Brno?

Czech Point 101 July 22, 2014 @ 2:49PM

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House for rent in Brno.

Finding a house for rent in Brno is not as easy as in Prague.

A quick comparison of the number of houses for rent in Brno compared to Prague indicates a major difference in the amount of available options.

A search on sreality.cz for family homes for rent in Brno yields a result of 58.

By comparison, a search for the same type of property in Prague returns 552 results.

Since Prague is 3 times as big as Brno we would expect a proportional amount of houses being on offer but the actual number of offers in Prague is 9 1/2 times higher.

A look at the quality of offers for houses for rent in Brno also shows that many would not reach the standard expected by an international family which was relocating to Brno. In Prague this is not a problem.

Because of the above we do feel that there is a good investment opportunity for individuals in family houses in Brno.

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