Ostrava property in 2013

Czech Point 101 July 22, 2014 @ 2:51PM

Tomas, from our Ostrava office, discusses the latest news from the property market in that area so far in 2013.

Interviewer: Tomas, what’s happening in the real estate market in Ostrava this spring?

Tomas Repasky: Since the beginning of the year, I see the property prices on the same level. But in some location it possible to buy properties for less price than is the average.

Interviewer: Okay, so some discounts in some areas and why is that the case?

Tomas Repasky: Yes, there are still many properties on the market, more properties than the buyers, and the much more people solving problems with their financing and they need to sell their properties and thus it’s possible to buy for much better price.

Interviewer: Excellent. Good, very good opportunities. And what about rents, what’s happening with that?

Tomas Repasky: Regarding rents I see a trend to rent out rather smaller flats than the bigger one especially because of the price and some big owners of the properties already reacted to the situation and divided the bigger flats into the smaller ones which is much easier to rent out.

Interviewer: Excellent. And you said that there are some good news also about new development in Ostrava.

Tomas Repasky: Yeah, overall, positive information is that unemployment rate didn’t go lower since the beginning of the year and in future can be much better because there are plans for new industrial zones in Ostrava region.

Interviewer: Excellent. Hey, that’s very good news for Ostrava. Good. Thanks.

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