Pit Stop Summary – 26.04.2012

Czech Point 101 December 4, 2014 @ 10:26AM

We had a great group Pit Stop yesterday.

If you are a new reader of this blog we renamed our bimonthly group training / brainstorming session to Pit Stop because we perform like Formula 1 race cars and this is our time to refresh, regroup and head back out with new ideas.

We feel like Formula 1 drivers who need a Pit Stop

We feel like Formula 1 drivers who need to refuel and get new tires.

Yesterday we put our heads together with how to provide services which appeal to Czech owners and the different requirements they have from our foreign owners. Our number of Czech clients is growing rapidly but many of our services are not appealing to them as they often live in the same city as their investment property.

Prague won our occupancy prize at 100% occupancy for flats under management. Overall we had an average of 95% occupancy in April, which is exactly in our target range (read more about our property management occupancy target).

Sorry, can’t share any of the ideas (or we’d have to kill ya) at this time but stay tuned for upcoming new services.

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