Prague Property Management – to Win Occupancy Prize?

Czech Point 101 December 8, 2014 @ 11:10AM

Prague Property Management to beat Brno

Prague Property Management to beat Brno

At every Pit Stop we award one our offices with a prize for the highest occupancy.

This month it is a close race with Brno at 95.6%, Ostrava at 95.2% and Prague at 100%. Our Prague property management team has done a great job in getting all their flats filled! Unless things change today it looks like we have a clear winner.

Our company’s overall occupancy rates are published for the last 6 months on our website.

Our unique rental strategy such as offering our flats without charging tenants a commission and our Tenant Draw which we do every 3 months is getting definite results.

Here is a video of our latest Tenant Draw after which we interview one of our winners:

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  1. CZECH POINT 101

    It’s official – our Prague property management team wins the occupancy prize for this Pit Stop! 100% is hard to beat.

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