Prague Property Market Update – Q1 2010

Czech Point 101 July 22, 2014 @ 2:48PM

The Czech real estate investment market has kept up the momentum seen in the final quarter of 2009. Thus, Q4 showed the positive results of the real estate market’s waking up as interest is growing and demand is slowly starting to turn for the better.

As the Czech unemployment rate went higher through the last half of last year, rental demand turned to a lower standard for example, a person who had been renting a 2+kk changed to a 1+kk. Residential flat rental demand increased as demand for the typically larger priced house rentals went down.

With our ‘on-the-ground’ experience, Prague’s areas outside of the immediate center in the size of 1+kk (studio) or 2+kk (1 bedroom), in the standard of economy or middle class, which have become the most attractive options for renters would be the best right now in which to invest. Of course, in these areas it is critical that Prague property is accessible to public transport.

The good news is rental has strengthen over Q1 2010 and we expect prices overall to go up through the year.

Written by Khup Gin khan (Khuppi) in our Prague office.

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