Reader Contest – Where R U?

Czech Point 101 December 8, 2014 @ 10:59AM

This contest has been closed. Congratulations to the winners!


Win one of these classic Skoda model cars!

It’s a global world now and all of us at CZECH POINT 101 would love to know where you are reading this message from.

Are you at a research center in Antarctica, on a beach in Thailand or in the Sky Bar of the Heron Tower in London?

Please write a comment below to let us know where you read this from or send an email to

Submissions must be received by next Friday, May 6th, 2011!

After we compile all submissions via our English and Czech blogs, Facebook Page, Linkedin Group, English and Czech Twitter, YouTube (yes, we’re social) and our monthly newsletter everyone in our office will vote on which location is the most interesting.

The three winners will be sent one of the three cars!

*In order to prove your location the address the model car is sent to must match the address you wrote that you read the message from or you would need to prove via a photo or such that you were actually in that location.

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  1. Rock

    Hi, I’ve been a customer and reader since your predecessor started the company, we are in california now and we still own an apartment in prague. trying to move back there, keep up the good work.


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