Reasons for cancellation of a direct rent contract

Czech Point 101 November 25, 2014 @ 1:11PM

The Czech landlord and tenant laws are quite strict about cancellation initiated by an owner of a direct rental contract.

There are basically two different ways to go about it.

Direct rent contracts in Czech Republic

Direct rent contracts require careful handling when terminating

There are two main reasons which do not relate to a fault of the tenant. However, the cancellation still needs to be obtained through a court order.

  • The owner needs the property for himself or a relative
  • The owner wants to reconstruct the property

A court order is not required for cancellation of the contract in the following cases when the tenant does not meet their obligations.

  • Breaching of ‘good’ manners in the flat or building
  • Breaching of the tenants duties as defined in the contract
  • If the tenant has additional properties rented
  • If the tenant does not use the property or only occasionally

The new Civil Code to be introduced January 1, 2014 will change some of these laws.

At CZECH POINT 101 we use a special sub-rental contract system which protects the owner from the above restrictions as well as additional laws governing the landlord – tenant relationship.

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