The Six Ws of Czech Property Investing

Czech Point 101 July 22, 2014 @ 2:49PM

We are writing a new series for Prague Connect which is entitled The Six Ws of Czech Property Investing.

The basic framework is as follows:

1. Why? – Why do millions chose property investing over other investing options? What are some of the negative things about it?

2. Who? – Are you the sort of person who would be successful at property investing? What sort of skills do you need? Will it meet your objectives?

Prague property investing article series is hosting the articles

3. What? – What sort of property should you look for in Czech Republic? What are the calculations to make when purchasing a property?

4. Where? – Which locations in Czech Republic are the best for investment property?

5. When? – Is it a good time to buy property? How can I tell when my personal financial situation would be suitable for property investing?

6. How? – This will be the bulk of the articles with their focus on the particulars of Czech Republic. How do I obtain a mortgage, how does the purchase process go, how do I find renters and manage all things related to the property?

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