To Invest or Not to Invest in Property? (in Czech Republic) That is the Question…

Czech Point 101 July 22, 2014 @ 2:48PM

Moje Penize magazine

Original article by Iva Macku in ‘Moje Penize’
Summary into English by Pavel Parizek

Every investor asks: Is this the right time to invest to the properties? Let’s have a look at the Czech Republic.

Even though there are still rumors about whether to invest or not, the Czech Republic is still good place to be a buy/let scenario owner. One thing is certain: it is not a short sprint, but it is a more like a long distance run.

If you compare stocks and bonds with some savings accounts or savings products and with investments in properties, then properties are still the most stable investment.

However it is still an investment so you can become a rich or you can also lose some money as in the all other financial field. However as I said in the Czech Republic it could be stable and regular income.

So is now the right time?

Yes it is!

The number of offers are greater than the demand, which pushes the owners to put prices down. So you do not have to buy the first property you see, but you can choose more of them and start negotiating with the owners, as now the buyers are those that have “all the Aces in the hand.”

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