Use of Google Street View when searching for real estate

Czech Point 101 July 22, 2014 @ 2:50PM

I have been personally looking for an investment property recently and have been using Google Street View with fantastic success. This is enabled for most of Czech Republic now.

Street View of Brno property

Google Street View let me know that this house had been for sale for a while.

Some things you can do with Google Street View from the comfort of your office when looking at real estate:

  • View the neighborhood. Is it the best building in the neighborhood or a bad building in a good area? Is there a playground or park nearby?

  • Find the building number. Most real estate agents will not list the number of the building because they don’t have an exclusive listing. With Street View you can ‘cruise’ the street and find the building which matches the pictures in the advertisement.

  • Have a look at the exterior condition of the building. Do the roof lines look straight and the roofing tiles like they have been replaced recently? Are the windows new or will need to be changed? Has the facade been redone?

In one interesting situation I looked with Street View at a building for sale and at the time that the Google car went buy it was also for sale (there was a sign in the window). This told me the seller would probably be flexible on pricing.

Here is a tutorial on how to use Google Street View.

Do you have other electronic tools you use to save yourself time and money when searching for a property? Write me:

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