Where to invest in Czech property?

Czech Point 101 July 22, 2014 @ 2:49PM

There are a few things which an investor needs to understand about investing in Czech Republic which can be very different from their home country. This article gives three tips for identifying where you will purchase your investment property in any given location in Czech Republic.

A big factor is the property’s proximity to public transport since one surveyed showed that a full 1/3 of Czech relied on it as their main means of transportation.

Here is an excerpt regarding this from the article:

“The Prague metro system, for example, is reported to be the seventh busiest metro system in Europe, moving over 1.5 million passengers on a typical day. This reportedly makes it the most used public transport system in the world on a per capita basis.

This knowledge makes it a very important factor when choosing rental properties, especially when purchasing smaller properties when the tenants are less likely to own a vehicle.”

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Czech Republic has the highest public transport usage in the EU.

Czech Republic has the highest public transport usage in the EU – a big factor in the location decision.

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